Overcoming Depression: The Definitive Resource for Patients and Families Who Live With Depression and Manic-Depression (with Demitri Papolos, M.D.); HarperCollins

Now into its third edition, Overcoming Depression was named in the Ten Best Books of the Decade by the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. It sold over 200,000 copies and was published in a Consumer Reports edition, and in Italian and Polish.

Praise for Overcoming Depression

​"Overcoming Depression is now the book, the first book that should be read by laypersons and all health professionals who are concerned with depressive illness in all its forms."

— National Alliance for the Mentally Ill 

"Concise, clearly written, and up-to-date. An excellent resource for patients and families afflicted by depression and manic-depressive illness."

— E. Fuller Torrey, M.D., author of Surviving Schizophrenia

~ Overcoming Depression ~

“This is the best book on depression for general audiences that I have ever seen....I strongly recommend this book."

— Robert M.A. Hirschfeld, M.D., chairman, Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Texas at Galveston

"The most comprehensive book available for the layperson on depression. A storehouse of useful, indeed essential, information."

— Donald F. Klein, M.D., Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons